What technologies is Bubblewall based on?

BubbleWall is a project that bets on the revision and analysis of the code to guarantee the improvement in the quality of the software and, for this, it is based on innovative technologies.


In this project, safety by design is key. Through this methodology, immune systems are generated, free of threats - which is perfect in this project that promotes security and code cleanliness. Thus, an approach to this type of technology, free of vulnerability, is essential, being a fundamental element in any IoT platform.


One of the innovative concepts that Bubblewall incorporates is the ‘Smart Bubble’. Thanks to it, you can conceptualize the active components that collaborate / compete with each other in the same environment, exchanging data about it and the code. In this way, each bubble that builds this "protector" and "code cleaner" wall, specializes in detecting problems, catching errors and solving them. This original vision helps to introduce small improvements at the security level.


As an application case, we find the IoT, also well known as the Internet of Things. It should be noted that platforms, based on this technology, promote the interconnection between different devices, while generating their own ecosystem in different environments such as the 4.0 factories or the Smart Cities. Improving and ensuring the security levels of these systems is critical and Bubblewall challenge is to achieve it.


The security of the platform will be analyzed thanks to the development of ubiquitous intelligence algorithms that, together with bio-inspired algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, complete the package of innovative technologies used in this project.


These technologies will be developed throughout the course of the project in its three phases of analysis, development of Ubiquitous Intelligence services for the analysis of platform security, as well as the design and execution of tests on this platform and its resulting improvements.