BubbleWall proposes to improve the security of IoT systems through Artificial Intelligence

With the aim of revolutionizing and improving Internet of Things systems through Artificial Intelligence, BubbelWall was created. This innovative project, developed by Emergya in collaboration with the Neo group at the University of Malaga (UMA), based on the fiQare and FIWOO projects, builds an original system based on concept of a bubble wall.


This way, each “bubble” specializes in detecting a design problem, such as an error in the code, in the design of the IoT architecture or in the functionalities of the services provided. The main idea is to build a wall and ensure that the Software code of web sites is becoming more secure.


The project, based on original intelligent algorithms, will allow the creation of a platform in which companies and organizations can review and correct their software in real time, obtaining more secure and reliable code. Thanks to AI, the code will be modified through machine learning. In a specific way, The platform will be able to improve and repair the software and arised and detected errors. With this project, IoT security audits are taken a step forward, enabling the analysis and secure implementation of the software.